About Me

       Hello, my name is Nate Avery and I've started Carolina Oaks To help better serve local customers and create relationships to understand your specific needs. I was born and raised here in Knightdale, NC and have a entrepreneurial heart. Attention to detail and communication is our mission to help us give you the quality service you desire! Carolina Oaks Lawn Care is rooted in Jesus and all the glory is given to His kingdom. I believe the real mission is to share the love of Christ and do to others as Jesus would.

        Carolina Oaks Lawn Care serves all Lawn maintenance needs for a Great looking yard. Here we believe contracts are the best way to help keep your lawns looking pristine all year long while keeping costs down. We provide 6, 8, or 12 month contracts to help make spring yard maintenance easy, maintain those quick growing summer lawns, and fall/winter care a thing of  the past! Check out all our services and request a contract quote!


Hi, my name is Nate Avery and I'm here to serve you professionally and quickly.